Aquatic Animals Feed Producer

Faradaneh Group

Faradaneh is a specialist in developing, producing, and marketing aquafeed. Our experienced specialists guarantee high-quality, innovative aquafeed. We apply our knowledge in order to develop the most suitable aquafeed for each fish/shrimp species in each stage of life.

MTIC Certificates

 ISO9001:2015 & ISO22000:2005

Distinguished exporter unit at national level in 2017

National Iranian Standard 

Value Chain Activities Of Faradaneh

2 fish meal production lines & import of 50% needed raw materials

Raw materials Supplementation

Feed premix production

Feed Premix Production

Leadership of aquafeed producers in Iran

Aquafeed Production

Extensive network for fish/ shrimp selling and transport in Iran

Aquaculture Products Selling

Pazan Taraz processing, packaging and freezing of protein products

Fish/ Shrimp Processing

Fish/shrimp farms

Fish/ Shrimp Farming


Feed Categories

150.000 tonnes

Annual Production Capacity

2500 Persons


25 years

Experience & Production

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