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After-Sales Services

The after-sales services department is a direct contact unit for aquatic breeders and customers of Faradaneh products. Faradaneh success and development is tightly bounded to customers’ satisfaction and a constant maintenace of their satisfaction at the highest level. For this reason the company organizes periodic observations of rainbow trout, shrimp, sturgeon and carp farms to collect comments, criticisms and suggestions from the farmers.

Tel: (+98)38-33339572-3 Internal:111 or 173

Furthermore, the company holds training courses with the assistance of some top-tier proffessors in order to improve health, management and nutrition criteria in the fish/shellfish farms. This unit is also responsible of increasing farmers’ knowledge to gain the best achievement.
In order to improve the professional and technical knowledge of fish/shellfish farmers, Faradaneh holds regular training seminars and workshops both locally and globally.

The after-sales services department is also responsive to the customers of surrounding companies, product consumption guidance and any possible problems.

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