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Research and Development

The questions and needs of our customers are central to our R&D Team’s activities. As we place great importance on research, we ensure that it is well organized and effectively integrated into overall business operations. This approach means we are able to cater to all market demands.

The Research and Development Team is in charge of investigating and sharing the latest scientific findings with their coworkers, customers and clients. The team is also responsible for carefully reviewing and analyzing the needs and the requirements of customers and fish farms to find the best solution and providing the corresponding (scientific) formulas to our experts in the production line in order to produce the high-quality products that satisfy the customers’ requirements.

This center carries out research in the following domains:
1. The development of new products and the improvement of existing ones
2. The development of substitute raw materials for fishmeal and fish oil
3. The digestive functions and energy metabolism of the fish
4. Materials and additives
5. The optimal feed level
6. The performance and requirements of different fish species

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