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Common carp feed

Common carp extruded feed is formulated and produced in such a way to provide all the nutritional requirements of different stage of carp life.
Ingredients of this feed contain a wide variety of vegetable and animal protein sources such as fishmeal, soybean meal, corn, barley, canola, vegetal protein concentrates, wheat gluten, corn gluten, gelatin, wheat flour, wheat bran, fish oil, vegetable oils, mineral and vitamin premixes and immunostimulants.

The Features that make the feed distinct include:

–   Completeness and appropriate nutritional balance.

–   Presence all the minerals and essential vitamins.

–   Appropriate profiles of unsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids as well as protein and energy ratio in the diet.

–   Increase in the growth performance and decrease in feed conversion ratio.

–   Optimal and uniform improvement of all body tissues, including the skeletal system.

–    Improving the immune system and increasing the resistance against stress and disease.

–    Production in two forms of floating and sinking, which makes the feed ideal for different types of farming systems (Such as pond, , in cage, polyculture or monoculture).

–    Various grower feed with different levels of protein and energy for different methods of farming in different seasons (feed type A, B and C)

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