Seabass Extruded Feed

Asian Sea bass Extruded feed (Barramundi)

Asian Sea bass Extruded feed (Barramundi)
Sea bass, Also known as Barramundi in Australia, is a predator with carnivorous diet, and has recently attracted Iranian farmers, mainly for farming in sea cages.

In marine fish feed formulation, it is very important to use high quality digestible ingredients, to control the ratio of the ingredients and balance amino acids and fatty acids. As a result, Faradaneh has benefited from the expertise of nutrition experts and latest scientific achievements as well as the cooperation of farming centers in the country to produce Asian sea bass feed, which has led to producing high quality feed.
Conducted surveys show significant growth and proper feed conversion ratios in the farming centers. This feed is produced by the most advanced extrusion using the slow sinking technology. Enrichment the feed by immunostimulants as well as constant monitoring of feed quality and its digestibility guarantee fish health and prevent environmental pollution.

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