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Koi & Goldfish (F & F)

F&F is a complete feed for daily usages of koi and Gold fish, it is designed and produced from a unique combination of high quality and easily digestible ingredients, such as fishmeal, fish oil, wheat flour, vegetal protein concentrates, corn gluten and wheat gluten.

This feed is produced in two sizes by extrusion technology. Its high stability in water, as well as its high digestibility, reduces the leaking of nutrients from feed into the tank water, thereby maintaining water quality and reducing the need for filtration and water changes.
Nutritional balance of the feed, with respect to the amount of protein, energy and the bioactive additives such as spirulina, astaxanthin, vitamin and mineral premixes, immunostimulants and antioxidants, not only improves the appearance and growth of fish but also increases fish resistance against stress and disease.
Fish need to be fed at least 2-3 times a day but overfeeding will cause a wastage of feed and water pollution..

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