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Research & Laboratory

Faradaneh laboratories were established and equipped according to the principles of international standard (ISO 17025: 2005). Separated well-equipped laboratories including chemical, microbiological and biotechnology laboratories allow us not only test the quality of raw materials and products but also carry out several research projects on aquatic feed to meet R&D expectations.

Chemistry laboratory

In the chemical lab, various items are measured including moisture, crude protein, crude fat, volatile nitrogen bases, crude fiber, ash and acid-insoluble ash, protein digestibility, phosphorus, calcium, urea and NPN. We also performs tests related to oil, including peroxide value, free fatty acid, TBA, iodine level and saponification rate.
With high-tech devices like NIR device, not only speed and accuracy of our tests have been improved but also the number and diversity of tests are increased. The diversity of the tests let us to precisely control both the quality of products and the raw materials.

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